This month we are excited to highlight our client NBD Nanotechnologies! The Boston-based innovator recently secured an $8 million Series B financing to further grow its business while continuing to innovate within its proprietary platform focused on specialty chemical products that change the surface properties of materials like glass and plastic.

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On June 11, EPA held a public meeting on its Proposed Rule imposing one-time electronic reporting and recordkeeping requirements on manufacturers and processors of certain nanoscale materials under Section 8(a) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Five key stakeholders commented at the hearing on issues including the definition of reportable chemical substances, whether and how to require reporting for discrete forms of nanomaterials, the length of the 135-day review period, the need to align with the Canadian approach, and whether the information required by EPA is readily available. Public comments are due July 6, 2015, with a final rule tentatively coming in late 2016. Click here for the full report!

This article was co-authored by Jo Anne Shatkin, Founder at Vireo Advisors.

In its first step towards regulating nanoscale materials, EPA plans to impose a one-time electronic reporting and recordkeeping requirement under TSCA on manufacturer (“manufacturer” is defined to include importers) and processors of particles ranging from 1-100 nanometers and exhibiting unique characteristics due to their size.

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